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Ice climber desceding into ice cave

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The World's Greatest Adventurers

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From the Road

Mother elephant running with baby elephant
Ice climber rappelling ice wall to team of climbers below

Immersive Storytelling

Armchair Explorer is a multi-award winning documentary podcast that takes listeners to every corner of the globe, from tracking Grizzlies in the Gobi Desert to kayaking the entire length of the Amazon River. Hailed by the New York Times as “Inspiring Storytelling,” each episode features one of the world’s greatest adventurers recounting their most inspiring and jaw-dropping trip, all set to immersive music and sound design. Armchair Explorer will take you on the adventure of a lifetime, every single week. 

Armchair Explorer is proud to be a part of APT Podcast Studios.

Scuba diver exploring ship wreck
Desert road with red rocks on either side

Host, Aaron Millar

The voice behind the show is award-winning British travel writer Aaron Millar. A regular contributor to the Times of London, National Geographic Traveller and more, Aaron’s passion is telling stories that inspire people to explore the world, celebrate the outdoors, and live life to the full. His podcasts have been nominated for two Webbys, and won the 2022 British Guild of Travel Writers Travel Broadcaster of the Year. He’s trekked with Shugendo monks in Japan, descended into a volcano in Iceland, and staggered through a 100-mile pub crawl in the UK, but this is his favorite gig yet. Hates rom-coms and shellfish; loves sci-fi and tequila. 

Rope bridge suspended over a river

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Latest Episodes

Armchair Explorer Logo

In Search of Paradise :

with Legendary Travel Writer Pico Lyer

Speaking With Dolphins and Searching for Sunken Treasure:

On Location in the Florida Keys

Armchair Explorer Logo

Travels Through Countries that Don't Exist:

with Eric Czuleger

Estes State Park at sundown
Exploring Estes logo

Campfire Ghost Stories and a Haunted Lodge: On Location in Rocky Mountain National Park

On Location

Simon Parker driving a Rickshaw across India
Armchair Explorer Logo

A Ridiculous Road Trip: Crossing India in a Three-Wheeled Rickshaw:

with Simon Parker

Laramie, Wyoming
Laramie: Where the Old West Meets the New podcast cover art

We'll Make a Cowboy Out of You:

On Location in Laramie, Wyoming

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Best Travel Podcast for Pure Escapism 2020

"It’s thrilling stuff, and Millar is an enthusiastic host, weaving scene-setting around his guests’ first-hand tales … with impressive production and atmospheric soundtracks."

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Best Travel Podcasts to Listen to Now

"Action-packed and thrilling.. "

Wanderlust Travel Magazine logo
Best Travel Podcasts 2020

"Every episode is an immersive experience"

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Best Travel Podcasts to Discover in 2020

"Adventure stories from the wildest places on Earth ... Guaranteed to inspire wanderlust."

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