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cocktail crusader

When’s the bar open? It might be 9.30 am, but a Mojito by the pool goes down a treat. After all, this isn’t work, this is fun. Travel, first and foremost, is about having a laugh. No matter where you travel it is 5 o’clock somewhere so relax, and order another. Your lighthearted spirit and sense of fun are irresistible, you bring smiles and laughs wherever you go. When’s happy hour again…? 



If you were a celebrity adventurer you’d be … Anthony Bourdain!


Whether he was eating rancid sharks in Iceland or getting drunk with Vietnamese rice farmers, Anthony Bourdain knew how to have a good time when he traveled. 


Bourdain was working in a restaurant when a piece he wrote for The New Yorker turned into a book deal – and the resulting biography Kitchen Confidential was hugely successful. He was in his 40s when he began traveling the world when he teamed up with The Food Network to dine and drink his way around the globe. Talk about a dream job!


Just like Bourdain, your joy for people, food, and a good cocktail is contagious. Traveling is about having fun and a good laugh, and you are the ultimate travel companion.


You pick experiences by what looks most appetizing, expecting to be delighted, catered to, and satiated by what comes across your table.


Buenos Aires - the nightlife capital of South America - Eat, Drink, and Dance at Mamba

Known for its elegant atmosphere, excellent drink options and delectable menu. Mamba has everything you need for a fantastic night out. Gastronomy. Cocktails. Events. Best Gin Bar in Buenos Aires. LiveDJ. This is what makes up the energy of the Mamba Club, where each guest is part of this incredible set of experiences. 



Rule No. 5: No Sex on the Bus by Brian Thacker

Brian Thacker confesses all as he reveals the best (and worst) of 20 trips as a tour leader around Europe. He tells how he fed passengers horse meat spag bog, hamburgers made from breakfast cereal, and roosters' testicles. How he left a passenger standing by the side of a motorway in France for three hours in his underwear clutching a purple toothbrush and how, along the way, he lost his driver, his cook, his bus, 10 brightly coloured canal bikes, a large church and eventually his patience. 



Booze Traveler

Host Jack Maxwell seeks the world's most interesting people and drinks. Like Bourdain, but drunker.



No Guidebook, No Google, No Clue: Togo, Wallis & Kyrgyzstan with best selling Travel Author Brian Thacker 

Follow best-selling travel author Brian Thacker on a unique, mad-cap adventure to three of the remotest countries on Earth. Inspired by the intrepid spirit of explorers of old, Brian decided to tear up the guidebook, switch off the phone and turn up to a country knowing absolutely nothing about it in advance. 

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