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You know the difference between a Monet and a Manet. And you know if the Bauhaus is a shithouse. Art, history and design are the things you'll go to the end of the Earth for. Forget the beach in Barcelona, you’re too busy pondering Picassos and gasping at Gaudis. Your knowledge and intellectual curiosity makes you top of the dinner party list every time.



If you were a celebrity adventurer you’d be … Paul Theroux!

Lauded as the ‘world’s most perceptive travel writer’ and ‘one of the top American travel writers of our time’, Theroux virtually invented the modern travel narrative by recounting his 25,000-mile journey by train from London through the Middle East, Malaysia, and Siberia for his best-selling book The Great Railway Bazaar.


Theroux is a keen observer of the relationships between people and their environments. "What interests me, " he wrote in The Old Patagonian Express, "is the waking in the morning, the progress from the familiar to the slightly odd, to the rather strange, to the totally foreign, and finally to the outlandish."


Like Paul Theroux, meeting people is just as important as the journey. You’re observant, kind, and curious about the world, and your knowledge and wisdom inspire everyone around you wherever you go.


Explore the cultural festivals and ancient history in Bhutan

Bhutan holidays are invariably based on events in the Buddhist calendar, and occur all over the country throughout the year. Lasting between two and four days, they are joyous occasions marked by masked and costumed dances by monks, as well as townspeople. These dances are accompanied by traditional music and song, processions, trials of archery, and other cultural activities. The Tshechu festivals are the most important, and include the unveiling of huge and rare painted silk Buddhist thangka (hangings). 



Waypoints: A Journey on Foot by Robert Martineu
At the age of twenty-seven, and afraid of falling into a life he doesn't want, Robert Martineau quits his office job, buys a flight to Accra and begins to walk. He walks 1,000 miles through Ghana, Togo and Benin, to Ouidah, an ancient spiritual centre on the West African coast.


Through the process of walking each day, and the lessons of those he walks among, Martineau starts to find the freedom he craves, and to build connections with the natural world and the past – and how a walking pilgrimage can change a person.



 Arabia with Levison Wood

Writer Levison Wood explores the Arabian Peninsula. Along the way he faces serious threats, meets incredible people and sees beautiful natural wonders.



A Journey to Discover South America’s Hidden Wonders with Atlas Obscura Founder Dylan Thuras 

Follow Atlas Obscura co-founder Dylan Thuras on a quest to discover South America’s hidden wonders, but we may just discover something hidden in ourselves. too.


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