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You're a wanderer by heart and love to know the ins and outs of every community and culture you encounter. You search for authentic connections and true local experiences – even if that means eating fried crickets in a Vietnam market or drinking yak’s milk in a Mongolian yurt. Your openness and curiosity are an inspiration to others and you make friends wherever you go.



If you were a celebrity adventurer you’d be…Simon Reeve!

Simon has been dubbed Britain’s most adventurous traveler. He has dodged bullets on frontlines, hunted with the San Bushmen of the Kalahari, dived with manta rays and sharks, survived malaria, walked through minefields, and been detained for spying by the KGB.


He’s also found time to make multiple award-winning TV series for the BBC, write bestseller books, and picked up countless awards, including a One World Broadcasting Trust Award for "an outstanding contribution to greater world understanding” - impressive, eh?!


Like Simon, you have a heart of gold and want to get to the bottom of every socio-cultural and environmental issue while taking strides to learn the truth and connect with everyone at their core. Your appetite for adventure is palpable. You’re willing to travel anywhere and experience everything to get to the heart of a place and its people. 


Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda - Volcanos Safari

Stay at either Virunga Lodge, in Rwanda, or at Bwindi Lodge or Mount Gahinga Lodge, in Uganda, to see endangered mountain gorillas in the wild. You’ll be staying in traditional ‘bandas’ style huts, with stunning views of the Virunga Volcanoes. Visiting the gorillas will be helping them, too: Gorilla tourism provides funds and resources to combat poaching and has helped mountain gorillas numbers begin to make a successful comeback from the very brink of extinction. 



Voyage of the Swell: A Journey in Search of a Life of Exploration and Adventure with Captain Liz Clark

This is a book for anyone who’s ever dreamed of sailing off into the sunset. Captain Liz Clark spent her youth dreaming of traveling the world by sailboat and surfing remote waves. When she was 22, set off on an adventure that most only fantasize about, sailing from Santa Barbara, California, as captain of her 40-foot sailboat, Swell, south in search of surf, self, and the wonder and learning that lies beyond the unbroken horizon. 

Liz captures her voyage in gripping detail, sharing tales of sailing in the high seas, of solitude and surprises, finding the connection to the earth, and her commitment to living in harmony with it. She witnesses how her dream leads her to understanding the unity of all things. 



Cuba with Simon Reeves 

Adventurer and journalist Simon Reeve meets Cuban entrepreneurs opening new businesses and attempting to thrive while the remnants of the totalitarian communist state remains. 



Open Your Mind: Experiencing Indigenous Jungle Medicine with BBC Travel Presenter Mike Corey

Follow BBC travel presenter and YouTube star Mike Corey into the depths of the Brazilian Amazon to experience Ayahuasca, Kambo and other mind-altering indigenous plant medicines. 


This quiz was brought to you by the Armchair Explorer podcast. If you want to find out more about the adventure, movie, book, and podcast episode recommended above, check out the show for immersive documentary episodes about each one of these true stories. It’s free, we never share your information, and don’t worry: we want your ears, not your wallet.

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