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Antarctica in Shackleton's Footsteps with Jonathan Thompson

Take a freezing journey to Antarctica with legendary travel writer Jonathan Thompson,  following in the footsteps of the great polar explorer Ernest Shackleton for the 100th anniversary of his Endurance expedition. 

The Endurance is one of the greatest adventure tales ever told. With both poles already discovered, Shackleton's plan was to do something even bolder and more ambitious. He planned to cross the entire Antarctic continent on foot, a distance of more than 1800-miles, across the coldest, most unforgiving place on Earth. But disaster struck almost immediately. His ship got stuck in the ice and started to break up beneath him, forcing him to abandon it and begin a desperate trek to save the lives of his crew. He had little chance of success. What followed was nothing short of a miracle.

Hear Shackleton's story interwoven with JT's own journey.

Highlights include:

  • Crossing the Drake Passage, the most dangerous stretch of sea on the planet

  • Ice camping on Antarctica itself, something very few people have ever experienced

  • Visiting scientific research bases and sampling the Ukranian base's home-brewed vodka

  • Exploring enormous penguin coloniesHiking and cross-country skiing in one of the remotest places on Earth

  • Kayaking among seals, whales and enormous pale blue icebergs

  • Taking the infamous 'Polar Plunge', a freezing dip into Antarctic ocean through a hole cut into the ice itself

Through it all, learn what it's like to take a bucket-list cruise to the bottom of the Earth, discover the untouched beauty of the last truly wild continent, and be inspired by one of the greatest adventure stories of all time.

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