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Extreme Road Trip: Alaska to Argentina with Overlanding Expert Dan Grec

40,000 miles, two years and 17 countries: travel across the Americas from Alaska to Argentina with overlanding expert Dan Grec. This is one of the world's most epic road trips and we have a front row seat.  The term 'Overlanding' refers to self-reliant expedition style adventures, usually in 4x4 vehicles and to remote locations. Think of it like extreme road tripping. Just about anywhere in the world is open for overland adventures, but following the Pan American Highway from the far north of Alaska to Cape Horn on the southern tip of Argentina is considered by many to be the ultimate trip.  And we're in good company for it. Dan Grec is one of the world's leading overlanding experts and the author of 'The Road Chose Me Volume I & II', which chronicles two of his favourite expeditions, including this one. His You Tube channel, also called The Road Chose Me, is one of the world's leading resources for overland travel.

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But not only does Dan Grec know his stuff, he also knows how to tell one hell of a story. This is about one of the most extreme road trips on the planet. It's about the incredible scenery, people and adventures he passed along the way. But it's also about what he learned from 40,000 miles on the road. Before he set off, Dan Grec was just an ordinary guy with a crazy dream. He made it come true: so can you. Highlights include:

  • Hiking to the 'Magic Bus' in the backcountry of Alaska to visit the final resting place of Chris McCandless, whose life was chronicled in the book and film 'Into the Wild'.

  • Trekking to the smoking crater of the Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala, seeing lava close enough to touch, close enough to smell the sulphur burning, to melt the soles of your shoes

  • Driving across the Salar de Uyuni, the Bolivian salt flats, a mesmerising 3,681 square mile stark white plain and a true wonder of the world

  • Finding 'Hell on Earth' in a Bolivian silver mine: Potosi, known locally as "the mountain that eats men", where life expectancy is less than 45 years old

  • Exploring Ecuador and climbing the Cotopaxi Volcano

  • Reaching the 'Ends of the Earth' in southern Patagonia, driving to the end of the road and walking into the sea

Benefits to you:

  • Learn Dan's top tips for planning your own overland adventure

  • Be inspired to make your own travel dreams come true, no matter how big or small

  • Discover the lessons that Dan Grec learned after 40,000 miles on the road

  • Hear Chris McCandless' story, and how it inspired Dan to break out of the mold, and live a more purposeful and intentional life

  • Find out Dan Grec's secret to living a truly free life

Dan Grec's Route: Alaska to Argentina, etched into the hood of his Jeep Wrangler

Connect with Dan Grec and find out everything you need to know about overlanding at: Instagram: @theroadchoseme Facebook: You Tube:


Email me at to chat through how you can book your next overlanding adventure ... or reach out to Dan on any of the links above


I talk a lot of Chris McCandless' life in this episode, which was documented in the book and film 'Into the Wild'. It's one of Dan's favourites, and mine, and a big inspiration for us both. If you're interested in buying the book please do so on this link to help support the show.

This is the paperback

And this is the audio book


In this episode, Dan visits the Potosi silver mine in Bolivia. Known as the 'mountain that eats men', life expectancy here is less than 45 and many of the workers start as children and will spend their entire waking life underground in appalling conditions for slave labour wages. If you're inspired to help the miners of Potosi, consider donating to the Amigos de Potosi charity, set up by local people to help the children of their community by offering alternatives to working in the mine.

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