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Horse Trekking in Mongolia with Pro Surfer Jon Rose

Follow ex-pro surfer Jon Rose on his ultimate adventure, horse trekking through the remote wilderness of Mongolia. This is the 'Land of the Blue Sky', a place of limitless space, and boundless freedom, where bands of nomadic families still live the old way, tending livestock and moving with the seasons.  But this is more than just a story of adventure; and it's about more than horse trekking in Mongolia too. This is a story about destiny. It's a story about hope, and the power of the human spirit. Jon Rose spent 12 years as a professional free surfer. He appeared on the covers of the biggest magazines in the world. He rode swells in Australia, Bali, Fiji; he surfed South Africa, Iceland and more. But his favourite place was Indonesia, and it was there, on a surf trip, that something happened that changed his life forever. Something harrowing, and devastating, something he could never have expected.  But in that moment, Jon found his destiny. He found his life's true purpose. It wasn't to ride waves, it was something much bigger. It would take him from the shores of Indonesia to the streets of Haiti. It would take him from the mountains of Nepal to the endless plains of Mongolia, and beyond. And it wouldn't change just life, it would change the lives of millions of people around the world.  HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Go horse trekking in Mongolia, the land of Ghengis Khan, one of the wildest and most remote places on Earth

  • Stay with nomadic families along the way, trying local delicacies including Airag, or fermented mare's milk, the national drink (let's just say, Jon had to hold his nose while he drank!)

  • Learn about Jon Rose's 12 year career as a pro surfer, from his days growing up in Laguna Beach, California, to winning national competitions, getting sponsored by Quicksilver and becoming one of the leading professional free surfers of his time

  • Hear about the devastating event, which happened during a surf trip in Indonesia, and changed Jon's life forever

  • Find out how Jon reacted, and how what he did next changed the lives of millions of people around the world


  • Be inspired to find your own destiny, and life purpose

  • Find out how adventurers and explorers, just like you, can connect more deeply with local cultures and help change the lives of the people they visit 

  • Feel empowered and uplifted with this positive story of change and hope in the darkest times

  • Discover the wonders and vast landscapes of horse trekking in Mongolia, which Jon describes as 'true bliss'

  • Learn about the culture of the 'Land of the Blue Sky', one of the oldest and most fascinating on Earth

WHO'S THE GUEST? Connect with Jon Rose, and the work he does, on the following links: Instagram: @wavesforwater / @jon_rose Facebook: @Wavesforwater If you're inspired by this episode please get involved! BOOK THIS TRIP Get in touch and let me help you plan this trip!


Here's some shots of Jon's trip horse trekking in Mongolia ... including that shot of him in between the newlyweds just about to neck a glass of fermented mare's milk. Down the hatch mate! (all images courtesy of Waves for Water & Jon Rose)

And here's a few shots of Jon surfing - plus one of the Mentawai Island, which we mention in the episode. (surfing shots courtesy Waves for Water & Jon Rose)

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