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Great White Shark Diving with James Stewart

Follow award-winning writer James Stewart as he takes on 'The Everest of Cage Dives'. Rodney Fox survived one of the most horrific Great White Shark attacks in history and was the inspiration for Jaws, the movie. He went on to invent the concept of Cage Diving. But Rodney's trips aren't for the feint-hearted. Most cage dives keep you safe on the surface. Rodney's takes you all the way to the bottom of the ocean floor. 

Highlights include:

  • Hearing the story of one of the most horrific Great White Shark attacks of all time

  • Learning about Rodney's story, how he became the inspiration for Jaws and went on to invent cage diving

  • Descending to the bottom of the ocean as seven Great White Sharks circle you on all sides

  • Looking a 20-foot Great White Shark in the eye, seeing its teeth close enough to touch

  • Finding out about Great White Shark science and conservation

Gradually, as James begins to control his fear, trapped on the bottom of the ocean with seven Great White Sharks circling him, he realizes that, far from monsters of the deep, Great Whites are actually one of the most important and beautiful animals in the marine ecosystem.

Note: many cage diving trips are unethical, Rodney Fox's are the gold standard in conservation. Listen to the episode to find out why, and what to look out for when booking your trip.

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