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The Nenet People: An Adventure Podcast with Christine Amour-Levar

“This style of reindeer herding is truly the last of its kind…and I wanted us to be the first group to experience it.” - Christine Amour-Levar

The Nenet people have lived in harmony with Siberia's harsh environment for centuries, yet their culture remains largely unknown. Their nomadic lifestyle, centered around reindeer herding, offers a unique glimpse into a way of life that has endured through extreme conditions.

Ready to listen to this episode?

The Nenet People Adventure Podcast: What to Expect

Ever wondered what it's like to traverse Siberia with the Nenet reindeer herders?

Join Christine Amour-Levar as she shares the fascinating world of the Nenet people with Aaron Millar in this adventure podcast episode. From their traditional way of life to the challenges they face today, we'll explore the unique culture and practices of the Nenet tribe.

Cozy up and get ready for an episode where the temperatures reach -100ºF, the Northern Lights guide the way, and the only way to survive is to stick together - and occasionally consume fresh reindeer blood!

Highlights from This Adventure Podcast Episode

  • The Nenet people of the Yamal Peninsula are among the world’s oldest true nomads.

  • Nenet tribe makes a living by herding reindeer in a place that literally translates to “the end of the world.”

  • When Christine Amour-Levar learned that she had a third-degree connection to the tribe, she set about arranging an unprecedented trek to accompany them during their southward migration

  • Five months later, she led the largest—and only all-female—group the Nenet people had ever hosted, as they prepared to live, migrate, and journey alongside the tribe for a week.

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The Nenet People Adventure Podcast Episode by Armchair Explorer

Frequently Asked Questions About the Nenet People

Below are some frequently asked questions to help you know more about the Nenets of Siberia and their reindeer herding.

What Language Do the Nenet People Speak?

The Nenets people speak the Nenets language and are part of the Uralic language family. Its unique sounds and grammar showcase the tribe’s rich cultural heritage. In addition to Nenets, many also speak Russian, the region's official language, and some even speak Komi, another indigenous Uralic language.

Why Do Nenets Drink Reindeer Blood?

Nenets rely on reindeer blood for its incredible nutritional benefits and hydration during their challenging journeys through the Arctic tundra. The blood is packed with vital nutrients like proteins and iron, essential for their survival in the harshest of weather conditions.

How Do Nenets Herd Reindeer?

The Nenet people herd reindeer by moving their camps on sleds drawn by reindeer. Men typically ride one sled drawn by four reindeer, while women and children drive long trains of sleds called largish. This traditional method allows the Nenets to efficiently manage their reindeer herds and maintain their way of life in the harsh Arctic environment.

Follow Christine Amour-Levar

Follow Christine Amour-Levar on Instagram (@christineamourlevar) or visit her website at for more incredible stories, photos of her expeditions, and more. 

You can also find her book, Wild Wisdom: Life Lessons From Leading Teams to Some of the Most Inhospitable Places in the World, online or at your local bookstore. 

Finally, we encourage you to learn more about her two nonprofit organizations, Women on a Mission and HER Planet Earth, where you can volunteer, donate - or even sign up for an upcoming expedition yourself!


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