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The Remote Buddhist Monastery: A Travel Podcast with Bruce Kirkby

Armchair Explorer’s Buddhist  Monastery Travel Podcast

Ever dreamt of exploring a Buddhist monastery in Ladakh? Wondered about the hidden gems nestled in the mountains? Well, you're in for a treat!

Get ready to embark on a journey filled with awe-inspiring landscapes, spiritual insights, and captivating stories that will ignite your wanderlust.

Listen to this podcast episode now!

The Buddhist Monastery Travel Podcast: What to Expect

Dive deep into the heart of Ladakh, India, and explore its remote Buddhist monasteries through the eyes of Bruce Kirkby and his family!

You'll gain unprecedented access to a mystical world, uncovering these secluded sanctuaries' secrets and timeless traditions. You’ll also listen to their amazing travel stories, from their home in America all the way to Asia.

So, tune in to this travel podcast episode packed with captivating stories and vivid descriptions that will transport you straight to Ladakh's rugged, spiritual landscapes.

Highlights from This Travel Podcast Episode

  • Bruce Kirkby, his wife, Christine, and their kids, Bodi and Taj, embark on an epic journey to a remote Buddhist monastery to reconnect as a family.

  • They choose this adventure over a typical trip to Mexico, aiming to escape technology and strengthen their bond.

  • The family sails a canoe along the forested coastline, camps together, and bravely faces the challenge of crossing the Pacific Ocean to Busan, South Korea.

  • Experiencing culture shock in Busan, they travel by train through Seoul, Qingdao, and Beijing, heading towards the grasslands of China.

  • After crossing the Tibetan Plateau for a week, they drive to the Himalayas and enter a peaceful remote Buddhist monastery in Ladakh with charming mud houses.

  • They dive into the local culture, practice meditation, and stay in the ancient Lamas of Zanskar Valley.

  • After three months, they discover that this incredible experience is the best way to reconnect as a family, far from the distractions of technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Buddhist Monastery in Ladakh

Curious about the serene and mystical Buddhist monastery in Ladakh? Here are some frequently asked questions to guide your journey!

Do I Need Any Permission to Visit Ladakh?

You'll need a Protected Area Permit (PAP) or a Restricted Area Permit (RAP) to visit these amazing zones. These permits are essential for non-Indian tourists eager to explore Ladakh's mesmerizing and sensitive regions.

Can I Stay in a Buddhist Monastery in Ladakh?

Yes, you can stay in monasteries in Ladakh, like the Diskit Monastery, one of the most breathtaking and historic Buddhist monasteries in the region.

Is There Any Festival Celebrated in Ladakh's Buddhist Monastery?

The Hemis Festival is celebrated in Ladakh's biggest Buddhist monastery. This vibrant festival showcases traditional music, colorful dances, and unique rituals.

Do I Need a Visa Before Going to Ladakh?

Yes, all visitors to Ladakh need a visa from the Indian Government. Many nationalities can easily get an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) online, valid for 60 days. Just upload a photo and passport scan, pay the fee, and you're ready for your Ladakh adventure!


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