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Tracking Grizzlies in the Gobi Desert with National Geographic Wildlife Biologist Doug Chadwick

Follow National Geographic wildlife biologist Doug Chadwick to the Gobi Desert of Mongolia in search of the world’s rarest bear. There are less than 50 Gobi Grizzlies left in the world and until recently almost no one even knew the existed - including Doug, a self-proclaimed ‘Bear Junkie’ who has spent his life studying Grizzly Bears around the world.

While tracking snow leopards in the Himalayas he heard about the Gobi Grizzly and swore then and there to try and find them, and do what he could to help save them. This is a story about that adventure. It’s a story about Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, one of the harshest and most beautiful places on Earth. There are sandstorms and sacred mountains and ticks as big as your thumb.

But it’s also a story about us. Because through this adventure, and others, Doug has developed a new theory of nature, an entirely new paradigm of how to look at ourselves and the world around us - and it’s going to blow your mind.

Get ready, because the wind is blowing in the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky and somewhere out there is one of the last 50 Gobi Grizzlies on the planet – and we’re going to find her … and in doing that we’re going to discover something about our greater selves that may change the way you look at the world forever.

Highlights include:

· Track the world’s rarest bear through one of the harshest environments on Earth

· Discover the sublime beauty of the Gobi Desert, no trace of the modern world for as far as the eye can see

· Feel what it’s like to be hit by a huge sandstorm – a ‘black tsunami’ of dust consuming all in its path

· Climb Tsagaan Bogd, one of Mongolia’s most sacred peaks

· Find out about Grizzly Bears, here in the Gobi and elsewhere, one of most ferocious, smart and misunderstood animals on the planet

· Hear a new theory of nature that will change the way you understand yourself and the world around you in profound ways

Doug’s latest book is called ‘4/5th a Grizzly: a New Perspective on Nature that Just Might Save Us All’. It’s a beautiful, fascinating and important book and it would make a wonderful present to yourself or anyone that loves and cherishes the outdoors. Also available from

Images from the Gobi Grizzly expedition

(all images courtesy of Doug Chadwick & Patagonia (c) Joe Riis /

Images from 4/5th a Grizzly: a New Perspective on Nature that Just Might Save Us All

(all images courtesy of Doug Chadwick & Patagonia. From left to right (c) Shultz (c) Flach (c) Vanegmond (c) Derrington (c) Fox)

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