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Voyage of the Swell: A Journey in Search of a Life of Exploration and Adventure with Liz Clark

Follow Captain Liz Clark on the Voyage of the Swell, a surfer’s journey in search of a life of exploration, adventure and the perfect wave. After college, instead of getting a job and starting a career, as her peers were, Liz bought a boat.

She had always loved the ocean and felt a calling to follow her dreams, and try and make her passions her life, instead of just something crammed in between all the things she was supposed to do. So she decided to do something crazy.

At age 22, with no real experience of sailing alone, she set sail from San Diego and simply headed south. No fixed plan in mind, just sailing the coast at the pace of a slow jog, searching out the best surf breaks in the world, places where no one else had ever ridden waves before.

This is a story for ocean lovers, it’s a story for sailors and surfers, but it’s also a story for anyone out there dreaming of escape. For Liz following your dreams and pursuing a life built around your passions isn’t frivolous or selfish. It’s the door to discovering your life purpose.

She says: “Your passions are the compass by which your steer your life”. If you dream of a life of exploration and adventure too, this story is for you.

Highlights include:

  • Surfing some of the best breaks in the world along the coast of Central America and in remote atolls in the South Pacific

  • Discovering the beauty and incredible Polynesian culture of the Marquesas islands, one of the most remote archipelagos in the world

  • Free diving with Hammerhead Sharks in the Cocos Islands, an under-water paradise 300 miles off the coast of Costa Rica

  • Exploring the Galapagos Islands and find out what a world untouched by human hands would be like

  • Be inspired to follow your passions and pursue a life less ordinary filled with adventure and exploration.

The book of this journey is called Swell: a Sailing Surfer’s Voyage of Awakening. It’s out now on Patagonia Books. It’s gorgeous, like all their books, and a fantastic read. You can also connect with Captain Liz directly on Instagram and Facebook @captainlizclark, YouTube @captainlizzy and at her website and blog

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