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Wandering with Nomads: 2,800-miles Across the Entire Length of Morocco with Explorer Alice Morrison

Follow explorer Alice Morrison on a world-first 2,800-mile trek across the entire length of Morocco. Starting in the city of Ouarzazate, at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, we will walk with her from the lush valleys of the Draa River across the barren windswept dunes of the Western Sahara to the tallest peaks of the High Atlas Mountains. We will discover lost cities, tombs of giants, singing sands and dinosaur footprints. We will learn about the lives of the nomadic Sahrawis, the people of the desert, and the Amazigh, the original inhabitants of Morocco. This is more than a long walk, this is a journey through the culture and history of one of the most fascinating and beautiful countries on Earth.

But Alice didn’t do it just any old way. Mirroring journeys taken by traders and nomads across Morocco for centuries, she decided to travel in a traditional caravan of six camels, led by her two Amazigh companions and camelteers Brahim and Addi. And despite not being very keen on the animals to start with, she ended up falling head-over-heels for them – particularly a very naughty one called Hamish. Yes, that’s right – somewhere in Morocco right now, there is a camel called Hamish.

This is a story about history and archeology, it’s a story about endurance and moments of sublime beauty. But mostly it’s a story about a deep exploration of a place and its people. Alice relied on the kindness and hospitality of local communities throughout and because she speaks fluent Arabic she was able to get an intimate insight into their lives that most outsiders would never see.

It’s also one hell of an adventure. Alice is known as ‘Indiana Jones for Girls’. This is a story that even Indy himself would have been proud of.

Highlights include:

  • Trek the entire 2,800-mile length of Morocco in a traditional caravan of camels (including one called Hamish, who's a very naughty boy)

  • Discover Lost Cities & Tombs of Giants in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains

  • Trek the entire 750-mile length of the Draa River

  • Walk 1,200-miles across the Western Sahara suffering 48-degree (120F) heat, sandstorms and freezing nights under the stars

  • Stay with Nomadic communities along the way, learning about their culture

  • Learn about the Amazir (Berber) culture, one of the indigenous people of Morocco

  • Find dinosaur footprints!

Connect with Alice!

If you enjoy this episode please connect with Alice, you’re going to have a lot of fun following her adventures. Her Instagram and Twitter is @aliceoutthere1. Her Facebook is @alicehuntermorrisonadventures and her You Tube channel is alicemorrison.

She has three books out, the latest of which is called Adventures in Morocco – she’s a great writer and covers loads more than we could fit into this episode. Finally, because I know you love podcasts, please check out hers – it’s called Alice in Wanderland and it’s one of my favourites.

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