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Yolo County Liquid Tourism: A Travel Podcast with Aaron and Jason

Armchair Explorer’s Yolo County Liquid Tourism Travel Podcast Episode

Imagine a journey where every sip tells a story. Just like a well-written novel, each glass of wine or beer here brings its own unique plot twists and delightful surprises.

Are you ready to dive into the rich tapestry of Yolo County? 

Listen to this episode now.

Liquid Tourism Travel Podcast: What to Expect

Prepare for an auditory adventure unlike any other.

Pub crawls, Yolo County wine tasting, and a distillery or two—summer travel is even better with a drink in hand. This travel podcast episode, titled Liquid Tourism, promises a lot of fun.

Host Aaron Millar and producer Jason Paton take you on a Liquid Tourism journey, sharing their adventures over a couple of beers. Join them at the virtual pub as they explore Yolo tourism and the unique experience of liquid travel. Get ready to grab a drink and enjoy this lively episode filled with laughter and fond memories.

Highlights from This Travel Podcast Episode

  • This trip is a departure from their usual adventurous expeditions. Instead, they focus on relaxation and enjoying good food and drinks.

  • Corrine Matinez, co-owner of Berryessa Gap Vineyards in Winters, joins them for a memorable Yolo County wine-tasting experience.

  • On their distillery tour, after the wine tasting at Berryessa winery, they try fantastic beers at the Yolo County brewery.

  • Next, they visit The HIVE for honey-based products and learn about bees and beers with Amina and Josh.

  • Lastly, the tasting room L'Apero Les Trois in downtown Winters captures their hearts with its drinks, meals, and rich history.

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Liquid Tourism Travel Podcast Episode by Armchair Explorer

Frequently Asked Questions About Yolo County Liquid Tourism

Below are some questions you might want to know before visiting the County of Yolo.

What is Yolo County Known for?

The county has a rich agricultural history and abundant farms growing fruits, vegetables, nuts, and wine grapes. It also boasts scenic bike paths, outdoor recreational activities, and charming small towns. It is truly a gem worth exploring and experiencing!

What Types of Liquid Attractions Can I Find in Yolo County?

The county offers a delightful experience for visitors with wine tasting at local vineyards, craft beer at the brewery, locally distilled spirits, and unique beverages like mead or cider. There is a diverse range of options to explore and indulge in for every palate in the County of Yolo.

Can I Purchase Products from the Liquid Attractions in Yolo?

Absolulely! Visitors have the amazing opportunity to buy wine, beer, spirits, and other beverages directly from the liquid tourism in the County of Yolo. This allows visitors to bring back a piece of Yolo County to savor and enjoy later on.


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